Compression Socks with Foot Massage Pad and Arch Support

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  • 3 Sizes (Small, Medium, Large), 6 Pattern available.

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The World’s Greatest Compression Socks
Made Exclusively for Both Men & Women

Suffer from painful arches, swelling calves, or general soreness
and fatigue after those tough workouts? 

Do your legs and feet suffer from the effects of poor circulation and an increase in painful lactic acid while you’re active and on your feet? Maybe you deal with painful arches, swelling calves, an increase in varicose veins, or general soreness and fatigue after those tough workouts, or simply trying to get through your busy workdays while on your feet. 

Now thanks to our exclusive compression socks, your legs and feet can enjoy a greater flow and circulation of nutrient rich blood and oxygen to keep you going strong during any activity. Our exclusive compression socks also work perfectly for those who want to prevent blood clots that are more likely to occur during post-surgery. 

How Compression Socks Actually Work...

Compression socks are designed for compression therapy. The level of compression is strongest at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the top. 

They apply gentle pressure to your legs and ankles, promoting blood flow from your legs to your heart. 

With enhanced blood flow and circulation, compression socks help you get relief from swelling of the calves, foot, varicose veins, prevents blood clots, reduce lactic acid build-up, and soreness & fatigue!

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 List of key features of Alvada compression socks

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The Proof Is In The Pudding.
Real Testimonials!


From Skeptic To Believer In 3 Pairs Time

After now purchasing 3 pairs of these socks I think I can safely say that I like them. For years my Doc has been trying to get me to wear compression socks as I spend most of my day on my feet on cement floors. At first I was skeptical, but I took the plunge after one of my knees started to act up. Now that I have theses, I don't want to take them off. After a full work shift is when I notice the biggest difference. Before, my legs and feet would be swollen, my knee would be hurting pretty badly, and I would be limping into the house at the end of the night.

Not anymore. My legs and dogs are still tired, but I definitely don't ache the way that I did before I started wearing the compression socks. The sizing is right on, I like the fact that they don't look like medical socks, and after what I've seen medical supply stores charging for these things... you can't really beat the price. All 3 pairs of my socks have been through the wash multiple times and there's a bit of beading going on, but nothing to write home about. More than likely I'll be rounding out my collection so I have enough for a full week.


Best compression socks I've bought!

I've been wearing compression socks for over 25 years due to an industrial injury to my groin area lymph nodes that had to be removed and I developed severe deep vein phlebitis and poor circulation. I've always bought Jobs socks(very expensive) since then but then I found these while searching for a compression knee brace for my wife and I decided to give them a try since they had the right compression level as the ones prescribed for me and are a lot cheaper. I must be honest and say that I did not expect them to match the Jobst socks, but boy; was I pleasantly surprised! they are in my opinion just as good if not better than Jobs and they feel so much more comfortable. I like the way they breathe and help my circulation, I initially bought 5 pair and figured I would return them but I kept them all and plan on ordering more. I strongly recommend them for those that have poor circulation issues, tired feet you won't be disappointed. Make sure to check with your Doctor as always but if you already know your compression prescription, don't hesitate, they are a good investment!


Had low expectations; pleasantly surprised.

I wear compression socks everyday at my desk job. My current sock drawer inventory was aging and losing compression so I thought I would experiment with alternative brands and style. Initially I was concerned these would be too small as they are deceptively short out of the package, but they completely covered my calf and felt wonderful. I wore these all day today and really like how they feel and the support they provide. They also have a different color scheme that adds character to an otherwise boring solid black. A good price; not great, but I still may be ordering more. Will see if they stand the test of time.


Life Changer!!

Almost 8 years ago I had a motorcycle accident where I broke my leg and it required two surgeries. Since then my leg gets pooled with stagnant blood/fluid making my calf huge and very very painful. Doctors have recommended I wear compression socks. I've spend a lot of money trying different ones because I could not find any that fit comfortably. I even tried some with zippers, because of how big my calf was. The zipper would leave a painful gouge in my leg, with caused even MORE pain. The last pair of compression socks were these Alvada socks (bought the first pair about a week and a half ago), I kids you not .... a life changer!! Now I can walk Disneyland without issue, go fishing/hiking, simply live a normal day without the intense pain. They fit perfectly, as if they were custom made or something. After my first day of wearing them I was amazed how much the swelling won't down I one day. The best thing is, they were comfortable. They let my leg breath also. Not all sweaty like others I tried. I bought 7 more pair asap! So worth it!!! Try them, you will not be disappointed.


Fractured Ankle-So far so good

Suffered a tri-malleoler ankle fracture 8 weeks ago and have some travel plan in the very near future, so I bought a pair of these socks with the hope that they will keep the swelling in check on an ankle that is still swollen. Today I wore them for the first time, as it was my first day of bearing weight on my mending ankle during physical therapy. My leg and ankle still feels great 8 hours later and my ankle looks a little less swollen then when I put the sock on this morning. The sock are a snug fit without cutting off circulation (so if you're in a similar situation, wait until your healed enough to pull on normal socks without hurting, before trying these). I bought the M/L because I wear a woman's 9 shoe. I'm 5'-9" and the sock comes all the way up to my knees and they haven't fallen down at all. The weather was in the low 70's today and I wore a std ankle sock on my good leg, but I didn't notice any difference in comfort ( e.g. the compression sock was not hot and sweaty in comparison.) So far they are definitely worth the money spent on them. Can't t wait to see how they perform after a long flight!


A Great Sock, but Take Care in Size!

I had to get compression socks because of surgery on my calf, and I found these to be exactly what I needed. They have a higher level of compression than the things you get in a typical drug store, which is what my doctor said I needed. They're generally comfortable, and the color matches the color of socks I normally wear, so I don't need to wear a compression sock on the other foot or look like I mismatched my socks!

The thing everyone needs to realize is that compression socks COMPRESS, meaning they are tight. That makes them harder to get on and off, and it can also make you feel like your toes are compressed. They seem to be sized based on foot size, but if you have unusually thick calves you may have to get a larger size, and if you have large feet and thinner calves, you may have to go smaller. Do not go too large or you'll defeat the whole purpose of the socks. Go too small and you won't be able to get them on and off. You may have to send your first pair back (I was lucky and picked the right size)!


My legs relax when I put these on

I started wearing compression pantyhose because they were less fragile than regular ones and didn't sag. The unexpected side effect was how good my legs felt at the end of the day even when wearing high heels. It seemed reasonable then, that compression socks would be beneficial for sports. I have a bum ankle that swells when I hike and I thought the compression would help. After reading reviews and specifications on multiple socks, I bought these. They are exactly what I hoped for. They are not difficult to put on if you gather them up to the toe and slip into them then pull up to the knee. The compression is moderate and not uncomfortable. Even after several hours of wearing the socks, my feet were not sweating and my legs felt refreshed. There was minimum swelling to my ankle which means the socks did what was intended. Compression socks are designed for a particular purpose and must be appreciated as such. That means using them as intended and accepting that dressing protocols may be different from a similar cosmetic clothing item. Will be buying more. The price is also good and the fabric substantial.



LOVE, LOVE LOVE!!!!! My dad is on had heart surgery 2004 and his right leg has always swelled. I should also mention that my dad is 87 years old... Recently due to another medical issue, he was placed on Predizone steriods and the swelling tripled in both feet and legs.. So much that his normal compression socks could not even make it over the foot. I purchased one pair of these socks, based on a review and image showing a before and after of a swollen customer's foot. I have to admit, that I purchased the M-L size and it did take me over 20 minutes to put on one sock on my dad's right foot ( feet looked liked Fred Flinstone feet)... and the left about 10 minutes. I had to inch them over the feet, but I was able to stretch them over and up his legs. I was very impressed that these socks in length went all the way up to mid knee..and they stayed up! No rolling or inching down!. I had him keep these socks on on all and all night... The next day my dad's left leg hand no swelling and his right was down to the size it normally is.... I have now purchased 4 more pairs.... And I will continue to purchase for him...

Carlos Lawrence

They feel like im getting a leg massage. Im satisfied

Ok they survived a washing and didnt come apart. So thats a plus. They dont have a seam so they dont blister your feet. I can literally feel my circulation improving with these on my legs. I dont get cramps when i wear these. As you can see by my pics they fit really well and tight but not too tight they cut off circulation. They dont even leave an imprint in my leg like other compression socks. I walked, workouted out, and slept in them and they are the real deal.


Very durable and beautiful compression socks.

My mother-in-law is a nurse and suffers from swollen legs from running around all day in the hospital. I bought these for her to alleviate that and she tells me that they work great. You can tell that these are designed to last long with it's attention to build quality. I would like to see a feminine color in the future because neither colors available seems like it would cater to women. Overall, these are very decent quality compression socks.

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