Alvada 80% Merino Wool Hiking Socks Thermal Warm Crew Winter Boot Sock 3 Pairs

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Get 3 Pairs for Just $4.99 after Coupons

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Great price, great socks, picking up 2 orders this time to get me through the winter.

From Minnesota, these are the socks that I wear all winter. Since I live in a log cabin with only a crawlspace basement, our floors get cold. I wear these (inside slippers) all winter and they are great. NOTE ON DURABILITY: When I walk around WITHOUT my slippers on, just these socks, they wear out FAST. As in a pair a week fast, almost as fast as cotton does (we have 125 year old floors that are kind of rough). Wearing them inside footwear, such as slippers or boots (as they are designed to be used), they work great. Very durable. I will admit I have had wool socks that lasted a bit longer, but at the expense of massive itching.

As another note: wool socks (these included) are SLIPPERY on carpeted steps. Just watch out if you are not familiar with wool. Anyway, great price, great socks, picking up 2 orders this time to get me through the winter.


These socks aren't like the cheap cotton socks you get at the big box stores.

These socks aren't like the cheap cotton socks you get at the big box stores. If you take care of them, in other words wear house slippers and don't wash them on hot with softener then they truly will be the best piece of clothing you will ever own. I wear them on hot and cold days, with boots and with sneakers. I suffer from really sweaty feet, they will start sweating if I get excited playing video games. Hell, they're sweaty right now! But these anti-bacterial socks are so dope I can wear them 2 days in a row without a problem (unimaginable without merino wool). Now about Alvada Socks in particular. I don't know why some people have problems, I assume they walk with them on around the house that's probably 90% carpet which will screw up any fabric. I own 8 pairs(gave a pair to my brother) of these and are the only socks I wear.


The best sock you'll ever own! Especially if you have hot feet!

I have the amazing naturally ability to soak through socks and shoes in 30 minutes. Don't be jealous. I have been looking for socks to help with this issue and have tried just about everything, wool, cotton, Under Armor, Copper, Synthetic, dress socks under will socks. I have tried all types of foot wear also, tennis shoes, running shoes, hiking shoes and boots. No matter what I tried nothing changed. Then I bought a pair of leather uninsulated cowboy boots, and 24 pairs of Alvada Socks. I have never had such comfort in all of my life. Even after 16 hours with this combination, my feet were dry. I thought they would be hot due to the thickness of these socks but was wrong. The only criticism I have is that the tops of the socks slouch a little through the day, I may be sensitive to this since I have work clan high socks for a few years. This will not keep me from ordering more!

Dennis Haygood

Very thick, warm socks

These are very thick socks! I purchased these for my husband to use for boots when hunting and also for cold nights when he complains about being cold. He loved them. I even tried them out for a night when it was chilly. Of course they were too big for my feet (woman's size 7.5), but they did keep my feet warm and worked great on my cold tile floor keeping my feet cozy. Keep in mind these are very thick so you need to wear shoes that would allow for the extra bulk. Also, wash in cold water and allow to air dry. If you put these in the dryer they will shrink. They do dry very fast though. This was a great purchase and bargain for 3 pairs of socks of such great quality. I would definitely recommend these for wearing with boots, lounging around or sleeping on cold nights.


First Glance/ 2 months later

Just received these in the mail so it’s an initial review. I am giving a pair to my dad who works outside in the winter so I’ll update with our thoughts in a month or so. For those saying the packaging doesn’t show the size you can see the size of the sock on the top part of the sleeve. Also I checked for holes and so far they seem well crafted and pass muster, for now. They do look huge for a size small but if you are ordering these socks to wear with boots (my LL Bean Boots) I think bigger is better anyways. Will update soon but first impressions for this are looking good.

Jan 2,2020 EDIT: These socks are great. My dad loves them so I’ll be ordering him a pack now. They truly do keep my feet warm. I’ve done volunteer work in the cold this last month and have chosen these as my go to socks. As for holes, I’m horrible with laundry and literally stick everything in one wash. The socks have been through multiple loads now cold/hot anything and they are still as of this moment fully intact. 10/10 would recommend


Buy these socks

I have been wearing Merino Wool socks almost every day for a long long time. I think these Alvada socks are the best. They wear well and do not get the annoying strings inside that catch your toes when you are putting them on. I just completed a side by side of another brand in the same price range. The Alvada Socks are still in my fleet and the other brand is in the trash. When I first got these socks a year or so ago they seemed to small for a large. However I have got used to the snug fit and appreciate that they stay up when I wear my Bean Boots out in the snow. I have just started wearing the short version of these in my tennis shoes and my concerns over the extra bulk were wrong. They are my favorite sock when walking or riding my bike and my high dollar athletic socks will be given away. I suggest you try these socks and see how well a good sock feels on your feet.


Four years and counting!

I've slowly thrown out all my other winter/fall socks and replaced them with these every season. There's no better sock for comfort and winter ruggedness! A lot of smart wool socks will either shrink with time or be uncomfortable after a few washes because they're not meant to stretch. Not these. They're crazy soft and stretchy. I use them of course for hiking and snowboarding but also in the fall for just walking around Boston. You can't go wrong with these socks!

They're also very durable as the first pairs are still as good as the new ones.


Finally, the winter socks I was looking for!

I used to wear Woolrich Ten Mile socks in winter but, since they are no longer made and mine were worn out, I went looking for a substitute. I tried Darn Tough socks, Heatholders socks, and some socks from Target but they were all unacceptable to me, for one reason or another. Then I tried these Alveda socks and finally I'm satisfied. They are fairly thick and hence tighter in my shoes that the Woolrich socks were, but after wearing them a few times it's fine and I appreciate the cushioning of my feet. They are also a bargain, 3 pairs for less than the price of one pair of Darn Tough. Mine have now been washed a few times and have stood up well to that. So I think I won't need to buy winter socks again for a few years.

El Googlerón

Happy feet are here again...

So I have been a big proponent of high content Merino wool cushioned socks. Having worked years in the construction field, in boiler rooms, hiking throughout Arizona and Texas & riding motorcycles all my life. I have tried everything from the super cheap wool, to the ultra expensive SmartWool full cushioned heavy, which run $25 to $40 per pair.
So far, after 5 months of near daily use of the first few packages, those looked nearly like they did out of the box new. Today I received another couple packs.
I almost hate leaving this review, I do not want to see the price increase or stock depleted, that is how much I like these socks.
The knit is way tighter than any sock in the price range, the elasticity is great and the durability and longevity approach that of the expensive SmartWool socks.
There are a couple of simple things I do to care for them, extend the longevity, first is to turn inside out & wash on permanent press, warm/cold setting (though they occasionally do go through on normal cycle), I use pre-wash cycle & extra rinse options (soap and oils left behind can degrade any elastic & many synthetics), I then dry on normal or permanent press, depending on what I am washing with them, with wrinkle guard on, more for the other items, jeans/slacks. I also never use fabric softener. Fabric softener is full of oils, which not only degrade the elastic over time, but also negatively affects the moisture wicking properties, making the socks less comfortable and decreasing their life expectancy.
I still have some heavy duty SmartWool, but they are reserved exclusively for use in cold weather, snow mobiling, snow shoeing, skiing, etc. These are probably just as good there, we'll see next year, but for everything else, including use in motorcycle and cowboy boots year around, they cannot be beat in my experience.

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75% OFF Sale On Amazon
Get 3 Pairs for Just $4.99 after Coupons
Combine with $5 OFF Clipping Coupon+50% OFF Claimed Coupon

75% OFF Sale On Amazon
Get 3 Pairs for Just $4.99 after Coupons
Combine with $5 OFF Clipping Coupon+50% OFF Claimed Coupon