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  • 80% Merino Wool, 15% Polyester, 4% Nylon, 1% Spandex
  • COMFORT FOR YOUR FEET - Made with the finest-quality Merino wool (80%), COZIA luxurious wool socks are super-soft, protect the feet from abrasion, provide cushioning from sudden impact, offer desirable compression for improved blood circulation while also helping alleviate fatigue, and prevent shoe bites!
  • ENGINEERED DESIGN & NATURAL TEMPERATURE REGULATION - Wool socks women or men feature reinforced yarn in heel & toe for increased durability, ventilation channels for better air flow & breathability, moisture control fiber technology that wicks away sweat & fights odors, and a cozy material that doesn’t cause any itching.
  • ALL-DAY LONG THERMAL SOCKS - Wool socks mens and women have full cushion footbed for better performance, wool blend that regulates temperature to keep feet warm even in the coldest winter. Vents along the ankle also help reduce bulk to allow you to wear them with tighter boots more comfortably.
  • WINTER SOCKS IN VARIABLE SIZES - Perfect as hiking socks, these boot socks are available in Small - Medium (Fits Shoe size: Men 5 - 9.5/ Women 6 - 10.5) and Medium-Large (Fits Shoe size: Men 9.5 – 12/Women 11 - 13) - MUST HAVE socks for every home!
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE - We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on our merino wool socks! We will either replace our warm socks or offer you a full refund, no questions asked! We are sure that these wool hiking socks will not fail to please you with their feature-rich design and cool color.

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Treat your feet to ultimate softness and comfort, keep them warm, and provide protective cushioning while you are out and about with COZIA woollen socks for women and men!


Premium blend of 80% Merino wool, 15% polyester, 4% nylon, and 1% spandex.

Itch-free men's socks are stretchable and have a flexible fit that conform to the natural shape of your feet. 

Allow for free range of movement and also stay in place without bunching up.


Ventilation channels along with breathable moisture control fiber technology on our socks for women helps in wicking away moisture, provide better air flow, and keep your feet smelling fresh all day long!

Cute socks have a natural wool blend that keep your feet warm even in the coldest months.

Fully cushioned footbed on our best men's socks provides extra comfort and helps prevent injury due to impact.



Wool socks (unisex) have reinforced yarn in the heel and toe for increased durability and ankle vents to reduce bulk.

Reinforced stitching doesn't unravel easily.


Available in in small - medium (Fits Shoe size: Men 5 - 9.5/ Women 6 - 10.5) and medium-large (Fits Shoe size: Men 9.5 – 12/Women 11 - 13).

Ideal for hiking, trekking, camping, cycling, walking and daily wear.


Perfect as hiking socks, these boot socks feature a padded footbed that makes every step more comfortable and supportive in these wool socks.

75% OFF Sale On Amazon
Get 3 Pairs for Just $4.99 after Coupon
Combine with $4 Clip Coupon+50% OFF Claimed Coupon Code

The Proof Is In The Pudding.
Real Testimonials!

Sarah Arellano

Great Socks

I am a Wildland Firefighter and these socks are great! When I was breaking in some new boots I never got a single blister. I've went on several fires already and these socks are a must have. I have already bought 6 pairs and I am about to make it 12. On something not relating to my job i covered over 80 miles in four days, My feet got a little sore but nothing to intolerable. I loaned a pair to one of my buddies on a assignment where we had to cross several rivers and trek five miles with our packs and chainsaws. He got some blisters, but our boots got waterlogged at the start so that added a lot of friction. I guess my feet are tough cause i never got a single blister.

Amy Wilferd

Love these socks!

Got these because they looked thick and warm. After using them I would define these as medium heavy weight, and warmer compared to other socks I have owned. Furthermore, I hike frequently and use a higher end pair of merino wool hiking sock purchased at REI for longer treks. The REI socks are more articulated/form fitting and thinner than this product. One colder day I tried these for hiking but expected my foot might might move more in the shoe compared to the dedicated hiking sock. To my surprise that did not happen, and they were more comfortable as well. Bought them three more times to give as gifts over the holidays. Have washed them a few times and can't comment yet regarding their durability.

 Keith Otworth

The Warmest Winter Socks I've owned

Got these for my Winter Rocky Mountains hiking adventure. Combined with my Kamik NationPlus Snow boot (rated for -40 but realistically 10 to 20F), these socks kept my feet completely warm and comfy through 12 hour days of hiking at 10K feet altitude in snow at 19 degrees f. I expected my feet to be sweaty at the end of the day, but was pleasantly surprised to find them dry and without blisters. All in all, a great winter sock. Worth every penny.


Ultra Comfortable

I love the warmth of wool socks but they are often a bit uncomfortable. THESE socks from Cozia are all the warmth PLUS the comfort I've been missing. I think the wool blend is the key. These things are soft and stretch to a perfect supported fit. I especially love how thick they are without being over bulky. They fit comfortably in my shoe and I can't wait to put some miles on them as Fall approaches.

 Dean W. Lesner

Best socks ever!

Perfect fit. Really comfortable. Warm, but the fabric breathes, so it doesn't get too warm and it doesn't cause my feet to perspire. Truth be told, I bought the three-pack, and I'm still wearing the first pair.

Granted, I probably should save my review for after I wash and dry these a few times, so let's just say for now that they make a great first impression.

Ken L.

My new favorite socks...

...and I stole them for only $4 a pair on sale. Wish I would have bought more! They are very soft, thick and warm. I paid $30 for a single pair of SmartWool socks that I don't like as much as these. The coloring of the Cozias is a bit beyond my normally conservative clothing tastes, however. And just a word of caution: the M-L size fits my size 9.5 feet very snugly and I doubt that anyone with feet bigger than size 10 are going to like the fit. The description says they fit up to size 14, but I just don't see how that is possible.


Great for walking on hardwood floors

I live in an uncarpeted apartment so I like a little padding when walking across the hard floors. My other winter socks just weren't doing the trick. But these are great! They are so comfortable and feel like slippers. They also fit snugly into my sneakers without feeling bulky or tight. I ordered a pack of 3 pairs on a trial basis but I like them so much that I am now clearing a bunch of other winter socks out of my draw to make room for more!

Romann T.

Toasty, yeaaaaa!!!

Are you looking to minimize your winter running/hiking gear from heavy shoes to trail shoes? Then you have found the right product. I had search for month before winter fell, trying to find the best winter outdoor exercise gear setup. Most say to use hikints/shoes with this type of sock. However, I forwent (totally made up word) the boot advice and stuck to my Spring hikers and they worked perfectly. I hike as od late in 25 degree weather (farenheit) and my toes and all stay toasty. 5 mile hikes in winter never felt like this! Best of all, no weighty boots to low me own. Now, if you plan to hike in snow, get some snow boots, otherwise, just stick to some good old walking trail runners. P.S. Be mindful that these socks add a bit of thickness.


Great Pack of Socks

Super comfortable and warm sock. I bought these to test them out and then after a few days I already had to decide to buy another pack. They're surprisingly cheap for how nice and warm and comfortable they are definitely would recommend buying these special if your normally hard on socks. The two packs I bought have lasted me all winter and still have no holes in them.

 Kelly R

Exactly what I wanted; would buy again

I was looking for thick, warm socks to wear around the house this winter—I hate cold floors, but don't like wearing shoes in the house, and slippers just don’t work for me. These are nice and thick, providing a nice cushion, as well as being warm and comfortable. Haven’t worn them outside yet, but I have no doubt they’ll keep my feet nice and toasty when I do, whether that’s waiting for a bus on a windy corner or shoveling my sidewalks.


They’re so good, I can’t even use them anymore.... let me explain...

I bought these quite a while ago (I used to be a smoker and my feet were always cold because of it) and when I got them, they worked soooo perfectly!!! Fast forward to March.. I have quit smoking and my feet temp has gone back to normal and here I am in Lake Tahoe and these bad boys are making me sweat even in the snow!!!! I’ve been wearing them everywhere and I’ve been sweating like a pig and this whole time I thought I was sweating because of Nicotine withdraw! YES THEY ARE THAT GOOD!!

Your Feet and Wallet Will Thank You at the Coldest Winter
75% OFF Sale On Amazon
Get 3 Pairs for Just $4.99 after Coupon
Combine with $4 Clip Coupon+50% OFF Claimed Coupon Code

75% OFF Sale On Amazon
Get 3 Pairs for Just $4.99 after Coupon
Combine with $4 Clip Coupon+50% OFF Claimed Coupon Code